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Research and Development 2007

Senago 2007

The workgroup composed by technicians of Cemp’s R&D department in collaboration with the Institute of Technology of Turin graduating has realized the followings studies:

Modelling 3D and FEM analysis of an electric motor. Study of the preheating thought the winding and with heaters

Study with finite elements analysis of the thermal performance of the electric motor installed in low temperature ambient, heating via winding or heaters.
The analysis FEM and the CEMP experimentation had given comparable results.

Modelling and analysis of the dynamic performance of a special shaft of an electric motor

The mechanical features of some special shafts may cause dangerous vibrations when they reach elevated frequencies.
To know the level of such vibrations, in project phase, allows to find a proper solution to prevent damage to the driven machine.
The comparison among finite elements analysis, traditional calculation (Cemp method) and experimental Cemp data given the same results.